The partners and associates of the Firm have a wide experience in banking and regulatory matters and in the legal advisor of financial operations, with more than 24 years of experience promoting legal services to several institutions among which stands (i) securitization of existing assets and future flows, including securitization of credit cards, derived export flows, maritime transport, plane tickets, mortgage loans, as well as derived flows of real state and provide “Shelter” service contracts, (ii) issuance of estate securities through real estate, estate securities issuance through trust (FIBRAS) and the issuance of CPI and other securities, including the development capital certificates (CKD ́s), (iii) restructures, bankruptcy and insolvency, participating in every stage of the process, including the structuring, coordination, strategic positioning alliances, document preparation, asset disposal, LBOs, debt payback, coverage, refinancing through private colocations and public biddings of commercial papers, bonds, obligations and other values (iv) advise to financial intermediaries and credit institutions regulated with due observance of the federal and state regulatory requirements, corporate government, capital management, legal requirements, reserve constitution, investment guidelines, credit and financial regulation, allowed and restricted transactions, services and specific requirements of financial products, (v) financial leases, factoring, “Sale and Lease Back”, reporto agreements, and (vi) colocation of real estate securities through the issuance of CPI and other values including CECADES.